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The thing about NYCC (Part I: Passes)…

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

I have mentioned it before: Geek culture is no longer on the fringes of the mainstream conscience. While it was once weird for Joey Fatone to have Superman shirts all the time, now it is standard practice for everyone to love comic books. Sure, we hear reports about superhero movies breaking box office numbers. But never has been more prevalent than the recent sale of New York Comic Con passes.

On June 18, 4 Day passes became available for purchase at noon. Within 40 minutes, they were sold out. To put that in context, last year 4 day passes took 8 weeks to sell out. 3 Day passes took a little over an hour to sell out this year. While this is a really cool thing to see, it has irked many convention lovers.

First, here is the story of the 3 day passes. While the 4 day pass sales were extraordinarily short, the 3 day pass sale was an event. At noon, like many others, I entered NYCC’s queue to purchase tickets. Like on the 4 day pass day, you would have been greeted with the following page:

Ticket Queue Page

But on June 18, there was an issue that cause this page to show and error message instead.

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SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) – Only Single Tickets Will Be Sold

"It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

“It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

Get ready to buckle up everyone. SDCC is about to get expensive. They will no longer allow fans to buy a single pass that covers multiple days. NOPE! Now, you may only buy single day tickets. Ticket prices have also gone up. Here is what SDCC is listing their prices as:

Preview Night: $35
Thursday, Friday and Saturday badges: $45 each
Sunday badge: $30

So, If my math is rite (PLEASE BE RIGHT — or maybe I should say please DON’T be right), if you wanted to attend every single day, that’s $200!!! 200 mother fucking dollars! That shit is absolutely crazy. They say it gives us fans more flexibility, I call fucking bullshit. This is some Norman Osborn evil as fuck shit. This convention sells out in minutes and I’m wondering how this will affect ticket sales and how many people will lose their shit over it (prediction? A LOT). I’m positive they’ll still sell out the floor but this is getting ridiculous. As a person who lives right next to NYC and looks forward to  NYCC (New York Comic Con) I really hope they don’t take this idea and run with it.

Let us know what you think of all this. Are you as frustrated as I am?

San Diego Comic Con Website

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Review: Batman Arkham Origins is Here

Review by Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

(Image via batmanarkhamorigins.com)

(Image via batmanarkhamorigins.com)

Jingle bells, Batman smells… OF FEAR!!! It’s Christmas Eve in Gotham and Batman is the Santa the city deserves. He’s got a list a mile long and plenty of coal to dish out. We have an all-star cast of heroes and villains here in Gotham, so let’s have the Bat plane drop us off so that we can explore Batman Arkham Origins!

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