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60 Second Week in Geek #5 – June 16, 2014

In this E3-headline-packed episode, Jay-Rey shares some of the biggest revelations that struck a chord with the For the Blog crew!


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EA Developer Tears into EA Naysayers

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_Rey)

(Via Kotaku.com)

Over at Kotaku, they just posted an article about the difficulty the Sim City team had to make the latest release of the game franchise to work offline. Sim City has been a sore topic for gamers since its rocky release in march that seemed to be plagues by bugs and server issues. Many people blamed the need for Sim City to be played online. After 6 and a half months of work, the development team seem to be ready to release an update or a new version of the game that will work offline.

I like to get the pulse of the readers, and found this gem in their comment section:


I already know that hate I’m gonna catch here but fuck it.

I’m an EA developer. I didn’t work on this game. But I know plenty of people who did. Continue reading


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