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Official Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8!

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

The video above is a 60 second long Doctor Who Season 8 trailer. Scheduled to debut on August 23, It has been months since the last Doctor Who episode, The Time of the Doctor, was released. Since then, we saw the official image of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor outfit, leaked footage of the Doctor riding a horse, and various set photos. A few weeks ago, short teasers started to appear online as well.

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My Adventures with Doctor Who (Series 1)

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(The 11 Doctors: Via Arstechnica.net)

Much like the staff of For the Blog!, I am a nerd. I enjoy things that tend to be slightly obscure, or non-mainstream (though that is quickly changing with the success of comic themed movies). And as such, I have been going to the New York Comic Convention for years now. And as the years progress, there is a trend that I never understood from the source, but watched from a distance: Doctor Who. Every year, fellows and lady-folk wearing suits, glasses, the occasional fez, and holding the iconic Sonic Screwdriver would fill the isles of the busy showroom floor. Posters would appear at booths selling Doctor merchandise. And everyone seemed to be into something I wasn’t…

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