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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Early Review)

Written by Donna Rock AKA Rock D Amadeus (@df_rock) and Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)


With a bit of luck, something that I do not have a lot of, I was able to secure two advance viewing tickets for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug… Courtesy of Midtown Comics and AMC Empire 25 (that’s the one in Midtown Manhattan, a block from Times Square & across the street from the Port Authority). Of course, I excitedly (i.e. screamed) to Donna that we were going. It was to be our romantic Christmas season date. So on Monday we stopped at our favorite pizza place; picked ourselves two slices each, a drink, and went on our way. 2 train stops, and a nine block walk in the blistering NYC cold later… we arrived at AMC 25. They lined us up outside. In the cold. I’m used to waiting inside for our movies, but what the hell it’s free and we get an advance viewing, so I’m willing to stand around outside while a falafel cart tries to muscle me out of where I’m standing. They finally start to let us roll in at around 7:45pm. We get these cool bracelets, a ticket for a free bag of popcorn (Awesome) and a long panoramic poster. As we enter the theater we found out that we will be seeing this movie in IMAX 3D — fucking awesome. We get searched by some very serious security guards and threatened to be promptly tossed the fuck out if they see a cell phone while the movie is playing (understandable).We grab seats in the upper level, dead center, and sit in some of the most comfy seats my J.Lo ass has even sat in.  Shout out to AMC 25 for having one of the most legit IMAX screens in the area, and also for being a really nice theater in general. This is it, were here. A few minutes later a movie called Her (looks amazing) and Grudge Match (ha two old guys fighting). The feature presentation starts, the theater goes silent, and we’re going on an adventure!

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Review: Catching Fire

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


This weekend, the number 1 movie in box offices was The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The sequel to the 2012 film adaptation of The Hunger Games, it is hitting the world by storm. The internet is full of Jennifer Lawrence (affectionately dubbed as J-Law by my brother, and a bunch of other internet dwellers), who has been out promoting her latest film endeavor. After her big win last year for Silver Linings Playbook (which was a surprisingly awesome movie), audiences are ready to see this young actress continue to wow us. But let me stop gushing over her, lets review.

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Review: Thor: The Dark World

Written by Joe Naz (@Naz_islike) Follow us on Facebook at For The Bl0g

thor the dark world poster

The new Thor movie was just released and it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t midnight a Marvel movie. It’s a tradition: show up in line with some friends around 9pm, sit in line, bullshit and wait until 11 or 11:30pm until AMC lets us into our seats. Then grab some expensive baller snacks such as a large popcorn or skittles and then watch the same commercials on repeat until the trailers start. This isn’t what you wanna hear though is it? You wanna hear how awesome Thor was. You wanna hear how amazing it was when Thor unleashes the wrath of Mjolnir on his enemies. Alright you got me. Let’s get onto this review and talk about Thor: The Dark World! Continue reading


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