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One of the for writers of For The Bl0g As a young boy, Joseph Nazario once coughed up a butterfly. This was widely regarded as an early sign of his future greatness. As he grew, so did his powers. He honed his skills in all areas of pop culture, which an emphasis on comics, crappy movies, and classic video games. Years of training has brought him to this point in his life. He now has the proportional strength and speed of a 25 year old man. Follow me at Our blog- Twitter @Naz_islike

Workspace of Writers and Artists Part 1

A few months ago I sent out a number of emails to some of my favorite writers and artists in the Comic Book industry. I hoped to make a reoccurring blog feature that shows off some of their workspaces. We had a few awesome people nice enough to respond back and send pics, while some others I was able to find since they already had photos of their workspace available. Hopefully we can make this a monthly entry where we can have artists and writers show off their creative space. If you have anyone of interest that you would like to see, shoot me a comment at the bottom and I will get to work on getting in contact with them!

Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick looking migthy Marvelous

Kelly Sue DeConnick looking migthy Marvelous

Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick

First up we have the amazing Kelly Sue DeConnick, a comic book writer who has worked on such titles as Avengers Assemble and Ghost from Dark Horse. Her biggest hit, however, is the marvelous Captain Marvel! Her run lasted seventeen issues and in the span of those seventeen issues she gathered a huge following.  Be sure to check out her Tumblr for Carol Corps and/or Capitan Marvel.) I’ve never seen so many fans follow, cosplay, and get tattoos relating to Captain Marvel.

Anyway, I love her room. She has a pillow that I think many can relate to that says “Now panic and freak.” That sounds about right. She has a bunch of Ms. Marvel and Carol Danvers on top of her shelf, along with some Wonder Woman and what I think is a statue of Morticia Addams. Behind her desk, the only things I can recognize are a poster of her orginal comic called Pretty Deadly from Image Comics and a great framed pic of Spider-Woman. I have no idea what that satilate looking object on the floor is. I’m going to guess it’s a huge dish with very hot lights that keep your legs warm. Just a shot in the dark, what do I know.

Kelly has a new series coming out in 2014 called Bitch Planet with Valentine De Landro (X-factor) on board as an artist. $10 says it’s one of 2014’s biggest hits. Here is an excerpt from the Image official press release from this weekend:

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SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) – Only Single Tickets Will Be Sold

"It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

“It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

Get ready to buckle up everyone. SDCC is about to get expensive. They will no longer allow fans to buy a single pass that covers multiple days. NOPE! Now, you may only buy single day tickets. Ticket prices have also gone up. Here is what SDCC is listing their prices as:

Preview Night: $35
Thursday, Friday and Saturday badges: $45 each
Sunday badge: $30

So, If my math is rite (PLEASE BE RIGHT — or maybe I should say please DON’T be right), if you wanted to attend every single day, that’s $200!!! 200 mother fucking dollars! That shit is absolutely crazy. They say it gives us fans more flexibility, I call fucking bullshit. This is some Norman Osborn evil as fuck shit. This convention sells out in minutes and I’m wondering how this will affect ticket sales and how many people will lose their shit over it (prediction? A LOT). I’m positive they’ll still sell out the floor but this is getting ridiculous. As a person who lives right next to NYC and looks forward to  NYCC (New York Comic Con) I really hope they don’t take this idea and run with it.

Let us know what you think of all this. Are you as frustrated as I am?

San Diego Comic Con Website

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Comic News for the Week 12/12-12/22

Comic News for the Week

By Joe Naz (Naz_islike)

Well, to say the least there was a lot of comic book news that were released this week. One of the biggest stories involves the series Sandman to hit the big screen with the help of Joseph Gordan Levvit. For more into on that you can check it out (here). As for everything else, let’s quickly run down the list and see what we got here!


1) Another spin on the rumor mill for the Superman/Batman movie is that WB wants Joaquin Phoenix as the main villain for the film. This would put him with Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston up for grabs as the main villain in the film.

2) Adding to the Superman/Batman film, David Goyer, the writer for Man of Steel, will have his script scraped. Chris Terrio, the writer for Argo, will be taking over duties to write up a draft for the film.

3) Jeff Lemire, writer for one of DC’s best on going titles Animal Man… will no longer be on going! Animal Man #29 will be the final issue and drop sometime in March. No one will be picking up the series, the series will just end. I’m pretty sad about it but hey, 29 issues is a hell of a long time to be writing a series now a day. Continue reading

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Early Review)

Written by Donna Rock AKA Rock D Amadeus (@df_rock) and Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)


With a bit of luck, something that I do not have a lot of, I was able to secure two advance viewing tickets for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug… Courtesy of Midtown Comics and AMC Empire 25 (that’s the one in Midtown Manhattan, a block from Times Square & across the street from the Port Authority). Of course, I excitedly (i.e. screamed) to Donna that we were going. It was to be our romantic Christmas season date. So on Monday we stopped at our favorite pizza place; picked ourselves two slices each, a drink, and went on our way. 2 train stops, and a nine block walk in the blistering NYC cold later… we arrived at AMC 25. They lined us up outside. In the cold. I’m used to waiting inside for our movies, but what the hell it’s free and we get an advance viewing, so I’m willing to stand around outside while a falafel cart tries to muscle me out of where I’m standing. They finally start to let us roll in at around 7:45pm. We get these cool bracelets, a ticket for a free bag of popcorn (Awesome) and a long panoramic poster. As we enter the theater we found out that we will be seeing this movie in IMAX 3D — fucking awesome. We get searched by some very serious security guards and threatened to be promptly tossed the fuck out if they see a cell phone while the movie is playing (understandable).We grab seats in the upper level, dead center, and sit in some of the most comfy seats my J.Lo ass has even sat in.  Shout out to AMC 25 for having one of the most legit IMAX screens in the area, and also for being a really nice theater in general. This is it, were here. A few minutes later a movie called Her (looks amazing) and Grudge Match (ha two old guys fighting). The feature presentation starts, the theater goes silent, and we’re going on an adventure!

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My First Memory of Star Wars.

Written by Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

A day like no other

A day like no other

The year is 1997. Things aren’t going well. My Mom and Dad are no longer together, I live in a very tiny cramped one bedroom apartment with my Mom, getting into a lot of fights in school, grades aren’t fantastic, wrote a note to a crush I had to circle “YES or NO if she liked me”, she circled “NO” with MULTIPLE circles. Things are in the crapper just in general. I get to see my Dad every other weekend so that’s cool at least. One day he picks me up from the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and tells me “Where gonna have an awesome night tonight.”  I’m thinking were gonna microwave some Blockbuster popcorn, watch some “Cops” and maybe catch a movie on pay-per-view as was custom for our weekend bonding time, I was wrong. He drives to our favorite movie theater and tells me were gonna see one of his favorite movies when he was a kid, some movie called Star Wars. Cool, whatever, as long as we can get some of that big tub popcorn, and a Slurpee I don’t care. Continue reading

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