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World Cup Stars and their Comic Counterparts (Part II)

**NOTE: As I am still an American, I will refer to “football” as “soccer.” Suck it, rest of the world.**

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that the World Cup has not disappointed. At all. Some of the soccer stars highlighted in Part I of my series have shined like the badass superheroes they are. Some have not. Tim Cahill, who I compared to Wolverine, struck a thrashing volley with his Adamantium-boned  left foot. Clint Dempsey, or Iron Man, managed to weave his way through the Ghana defense with an entire nation on his back and score in the first thirty second of the USA’s first group match. He continued to play after getting his nose annihilated.  America. Ronaldo… Well, Ronaldo did this. Oh well, can’t win ’em all. Anyway, here’s a list of other notable soccer studs who play The Beautiful game in a heroic-ish and/or villainous way.

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World Cup Stars and their Comic Counterparts (Part 1)

**NOTE: As an American, I will be referring to The Beautiful Game as soccer, not football. If that’s a problem, I don’t give a shit. You’ll still enjoy the article.**

Huzzah! The World Cup is here! It comes around every four years like Leap Day, but the World Cup is infinitely more awesome. Earth’s workforce maniacally plots do to as little work as possible. Earthlings lock their eyes to their TVs, computer monitors, smartphones, cardboard boxes with children re-enacting a soccer game and cheer their country on. They marvel at the silky touch (and even silkier hair) of Pirlo, the blazing speed and control of Ronaldo. Belgium’s Marouane Fellaini’s fro. They are dazzled by how Messi seemingly keeps the ball on a string as he marauds through helpless defenses. They are heroes.

In celebration of the biggest sports tournament in the world, For The Blog is going to attempt to fuse sport and geekdom a touch by pointing out the comic counterparts of some of the players showcasing their super-powers in Brazil. Continue reading


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Professor X, Magneto, & Wolverine: Coolest Dudes on the Planet?

Short answer: yes. Thanks for reading.

Long answer:

Talking with my girlfriend @LQuitto15 this weekend, it occured to us: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman are all awesome. Borrowing the words of the great poet Fabolous, “[they’re] a movement by themselves, but a force when [they’re] together.” In addition to being three incredibly talented actors in their own right, when you put the three of them together, hilarity ensues. Continue reading

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Virtual Reality is Virtually a Reality.. Maybe

Hey guy(s) and gal(s),

It’s been quite a while since anyone other than Jay-Rey has posted anything, so I’ve decided to end my extended vacation and drop some knowledge on you. A couple days ago I came across this awesome video of the Virtuix Omni, a virtual reality apparatus reminiscent of Gamer(sans Michael C. Hall’s dance . sadface).

Equipped with a headpiece and gun controller(WARNING: not accurate representations, watch the damn video), some army lookin’ dude shoots some Terrorist skulls in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now, I play a lot of CSGO, and I can tell you for a fact there is no way you’ll hang with the big boys walking on a treadmill that has the diameter of a Bosu Ball(great workout, by the way). Strafing is half the battle in CS:GO. However, I can easily see the Virtuix Omni being a huge hit in arcades or in the game room of The Wolf of Wall Street’s third yacht. Also, FPS_Doug would love this. BOOM! HEADSHOT!

Here’s what I think. What do you think? Is this a time and money sink or a stepping stone into the glorious world of Ready Player One?


@jklolitscr, out.

T: @forthebl0g

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TMNT Reboot News: Shredder and Leo Revealed!

49285d2e5afef4296854893fd3f8bc39-incredible-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-street-artYes, the movie unites as one to unabashedly bash has revealed pics of Shredder and the lead turtle, Leonardo (thanks Comic Book Movie). Before I even clicked the link to see what the pics looked like I found myself sighing and repeating to myseld, “It looks horrible! It’s hideous! It’s…pretty damn badass….?” Yep, Shredder looks like a wicked minion of Hell, poised to skewer and devour ninja turtle heads and wash them down with human souls. Leo has a more tribal look to him, but a lot more badass than the more cuddly versions of the early ’90s. You also get a glimpse of the other shelled crusaders, but not as good as the shot of Leo.

My faith has been restored a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit, but I’m going to need to see some moving pictures before I’m completely sold. Hell, I’ll still watch it if it makes my eyes bleed.

Some of the pics:


Cowabunga, dude. Thanks, Comic Book Movie


In case you missed the link earlier, here it is :

@jklolitscr, out.

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