Four super powered heroes from different walks of life met one day in a secret location and upon seeing what a dark, confused place the world can be they came to the conclusion that this world needed their help. They wanted to use their unique powers for the greater good of humanity and to help those that could not defend themselves. Thus, they chose the noblest duty they could think of: they decided to join the battle against a never ending onslaught of reviewing comics, movies, games, and other pop culture related events. You may know them separately as CR, Jay-Rey, Donna and Naz; but combined, they form one of the most powerful super hero teams in the galaxy… FOR THE BL0G!!!

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JAY-REY GAUDETTE(@jay_rey): It is said Jay-Rey possesses all 9 lives of each of his 67 house cats. His purr is said to disarm all enemies and disrobe all women that cross his path. Where he lacks in agility, he makes up for in sass and snark. He is: Jay-Rey!

C.R. HETZEL(@jklolitscr): One minute he is throwing a football at your face with such veracity that the skies quake as the tear shaped projectile shatters the sound barrier, the next, he listing the entire cast of Tim Burtons Batman Returns from memory, as well as other collaborative works they have all appeared in since. No mere mortal, and a jack of all trades, CR’s sports enthusiasm is matched only by his in-depth knowledge of nerd culture and film trivia.

NAZ: As a young boy, Naz once coughed up a butterfly. This was widely regarded as an early sign of his future greatness. As he grew, so did his powers. He honed his skills in all areas of pop culture, which an emphasis on comics, crappy movies, and classic video games. Years of training has brought him to this point in his life. He now has the proportional strength and speed of a 25 year old man.

DONNA ROCK(@df_rock):  Code Name: Rock D Amadeus. Birth Place: Themyscira, capital of the Amazon tribe. Powers: Trained in superior hand-to-hand combat & Summa cum laude level intellect. Born in Themyscira, the art of war came easy to  young Donna. She spent her days sunrise to sunset perfecting the art of war with some of Themyscira’s most powerful warriors. Only reported known weakness are her bones, which crack when she moves. This makes stealth a hard skill to master. Opting to wield a pencil over a sword. Donna can draw any object her powerful imagination creates and use it in battle.  Last confirmed sighting: New York Metropolitan Area with other costumed heroes.



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