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Professor X, Magneto, & Wolverine: Coolest Dudes on the Planet?

Short answer: yes. Thanks for reading.

Long answer:

Talking with my girlfriend @LQuitto15 this weekend, it occured to us: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman are all awesome. Borrowing the words of the great poet Fabolous, “[they’re] a movement by themselves, but a force when [they’re] together.” In addition to being three incredibly talented actors in their own right, when you put the three of them together, hilarity ensues. Continue reading


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New Schedule for Fact Attack and Other Videos to Come!

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

It is already Wednesday! And as you may have noticed, there is no Fact Attack this week. But don’t fret, check back next Thursday for the newest edition of your favorite fact sharing series.

The way I figure it, SSWiK on Monday and Fact Attack on Wednesday leaves you 5 days with nothing new to watch. And that is pretty lame. So instead, I figure we move Fact Attack down a day to better spread out your geek-tainment. As always, For the Bl0g! will be updated regularly, so always check back here for the latest in comics, movies, video games, and our world-class opinion pieces.

But, since I am depriving you of new episodes, check out our previous 2 episodes here, as well as a very funny story about Naz almost pooping himself!

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60 Second Week in Geek #2 – May 26, 2014

Catch up on all the geek news you missed out on last week!

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by | May 27, 2014 · 9:23 am

May the Puppets be with You

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

JJ and a cast member


I am sure many of you saw the video JJ Abrams posted yesterday. He announced a charity he put together called Star Wars: Force for Change. The goal is to raise funds to help children all over the world. People who donate at least $10 will enter for a chance to have a walk on part for Episode VII. Pretty sweet right?

But what I really took from the video is the background character seen in the picture above. True to classic Star Wars set design, this friendly fellow here is a puppet. Star Wars fans know the puppet characters well, as they largely set up the world of unique creatures throughout the universe. Yoda, Jabba, and the famous Max Rebo are all puppets after all. While the new trilogy did away with puppets, going so far as to replace Episode 1’s younger Yoda puppet with a CGI model, puppets are very much connected to the star wars universe. The fellow pictured above looks like a hint of things to come.

Are you excited about more puppets in Star Wars? Am I getting excited over the wrong things?! AM I?!

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Fact Attack – X-Men

With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past just around the corner, it is time the folks at For the Blog fill you in on some strange facts about the X-Men. Featuring: Jay-Rey & Adam

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by | May 21, 2014 · 10:36 am