TMNT Reboot News: Shredder and Leo Revealed!

49285d2e5afef4296854893fd3f8bc39-incredible-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-street-artYes, the movie unites as one to unabashedly bash has revealed pics of Shredder and the lead turtle, Leonardo (thanks Comic Book Movie). Before I even clicked the link to see what the pics looked like I found myself sighing and repeating to myseld, “It looks horrible! It’s hideous! It’s…pretty damn badass….?” Yep, Shredder looks like a wicked minion of Hell, poised to skewer and devour ninja turtle heads and wash them down with human souls. Leo has a more tribal look to him, but a lot more badass than the more cuddly versions of the early ’90s. You also get a glimpse of the other shelled crusaders, but not as good as the shot of Leo.

My faith has been restored a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit, but I’m going to need to see some moving pictures before I’m completely sold. Hell, I’ll still watch it if it makes my eyes bleed.

Some of the pics:


Cowabunga, dude. Thanks, Comic Book Movie


In case you missed the link earlier, here it is :

@jklolitscr, out.


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