More Ant-Man Casting News: Michael Peña

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Via the

According to The Warp, Marvel Studios has offered a roll to Michael Peña in the upcoming Ant-Man movie. When it rains, it pours, right? Earlier this week, we received surprise confirmation of Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym, last week we had confirmation of Paul Rudd’s casting as Scott Lang (though we didn’t really know the character till this week). And now Michael Peña.

It hasn’t been disclosed what the roll would be, and if it were a good guy or bad guy. But I think that is some solid news! Peña is a really great actor and can portray drama as well as comedy. Check out his acting in End of Watch and 30 Minutes or Less. Two totally different rolls that he nails. Regardless of the character, I am sure Peña would make a great addition to the cast.

Are there any actors you’re interested in seeing in a Marvel movie? Are you looking forward to Ant-Man?


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