The Batman vs Superman Error

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


I said it, not here, but to my friends after hearing about The Man of Steel sequel. “The less information they tell us, the more excited I’ll be“. There is something to say about a movie that genuinely surprises you. JJ Abrams faltered a bit, with his plan to keep Kahn a secret. There was too much attention on a nobody character like John Harris, that it only made sense for it to really be Kahn.

Agent Coulson’s death in The Avengers, however, was a total surprise. The sharp, dry, no-nonsense agent who was always at odds with Tony Stark had an untimely demise that really hit the audience hard. And the best part about it was that no one saw it coming.

Recent news about the origins of Wonder Woman have made me think about the importance of teasers and info regarding movies that haven’t been released yet. The idea of Batfleck was something that really upset the movie crowd, but I think they are okay with the idea now. The casting of Wonder Woman caused some chaos, but people are starting to accept that there is as much to the character of Wonder Woman as there is to her physical appearance.

But the news regarding Wonder Woman’s origins is the straw that is breaking my camel’s back. Instead of being a straight Amazonian, it is widely rumored that the Amazonian race may be an offshoot race of Kryptonians, who used the genetic modifications seen in Man of Steel to create a society of strong warrior women. I think this is a bad move, regardless of when I found out. The worst part about it is that no one else is happy. This causes blog articles, angry tweets, e-mails, interviews, and every other way social media can lash out. This is the type of momentum causing news that will get to the ears of the studio heads, that will then have a chat with Goyer and Snyder, and that may lead to some other compromising decisions to fix what has happened.

I will watch Batman vs Superman, or whatever the hell they call it. But I don’t want to know what its about. I don’t want to see updated suits, and I especially don’t want to see what the suits look like on the actors. I don’t want to know plot details. The movie can be successful if they tell us as little as possible.

1) I have noticed I am much more forgiving my first theatrical viewing for the most part. I legitimately enjoyed Spider-Man 3…

2) The Dark Knight Rises is not the best in the series, but we didn’t know that going in. An out of context glimpse at Bane’s airplane kidnapping, Gordon’s mysterious hospitalization, and the ambiguousness of Catwoman’s morality, all culminated in everyone wanting to see it. We didn’t know that Gotham was taken over, that Bruce was out of commission for months, and that John Blake was not only to skip the Robin character (since his actual name was Robin) but would actually take over the duties of Batman.

3) The drama over Bane’s voice should also be a hint at the power of the audience. When I first saw the intro to Dark Knight Rises, it was at an IMAX screening for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. And much like early reports, it was very difficult to understand Bane. Nolan said this was an intentional choice. Months later, the same scene took on new life, as Bane’s voice was almost edited to be above the rest of the audio in any scene he was in.

I think Batman vs Superman can make whatever mistakes they want to. Make weird choices and step on the firmly placed continuity that has existed for decades. But don’t tell me about it. The more floundering I see, the less inclined I am to see it.

Do you think moviegoers know too much about movies before going in? Are comic book movies a special case? 


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