Should I watch It in 3D?

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


3D movies have become big business in the last few years. I’ll say since James Cameron’s Avatar, people have been taking 3d a lot more seriously then the days of red and blue goggles. Nick Schager at Esquire wrote this handy little guide whether or not you should opt to see a film in 3d. 

The long and short of it is this:

DO – Imax 3d, Films by Auters

DON’T – Animated films, Post 3D conversions, Horror

While I totally agree with Nick’s DO list, I think his DON’T list is a little too strict. Animated films can be some of the best 3D films, as the 3D effect can be created at the start of production. And while they tend to be filled with some gimmicky tricks (characters swinging at the audience, projectiles, etc), those effects fulfill the point: to be fun. Whether or not you want to spend the same amount on watching Despicable Me 2 in 3D over Gravity in 3D is up to you, but they can be done pretty well.

I personally really love when I watch a good movie that takes advantage of 3D; Avatar, Gravity, Pacific Rim, and the Hobbit series. It doesn’t need to be over bearing to add to the movie going experience.

What do you think? Whats the best 3D movie you’ve seen? Whats the worst? Have you not seen a 3D movie yet? 



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2 responses to “Should I watch It in 3D?

  1. chorenn

    I have problems with 3-D movies because they often give me headaches, since I have to wear the 3-D glasses over my regular glasses. The few that I saw was no better in 3-D, because there was nothing in them that was better with depth of vision. It seems like many films just add a throwaway scene so that you go, “Oooh! 3-D!” I think it was Despicable Me that had a scene at the end where the minions do a bunch of silly things with stuff poking out at the audience, but the movie itself had nothing that needed the extra dimension. It might be fun, but I’d rather not pay the extra for just fun.

    I haven’t seen many, but Doctor Who’s “The Day of the Doctor” episode made great use of the 3-D, because it allowed you to actually see the Time Lord painting the way it was intended. I saw the episode again the next day in 2-D, and it really lost a lot in impact.

    • Totally agree about the difficulty of wearing glasses. I was just thinking the other day, that they should have some type of clip on option, instead of me dealing with all of the arms going into my ears.

      The cheesy-ness definitely takes away from the watching experience. Swinging at the “camera” and such. But I am more forgiving of that in an animated movie than a horror flick.

      I only saw it 2-D, but I imagine your statement is totally correct. The contrast in depth between the paintings and the actual room probably looked great! Gravity also did a good job at painting the space the characters were in.

      But you’re also right, its super expensive. Its at least an additional $5, which makes going alone almost $20. A large contrast from checking out a matinee, which is closer to $6.


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