New Year Game Giveaway: Monaco

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


Happy 2014 everyone! Clearly the crew here at For The Blog took some time off during the holidays, but news never stops and we are back up and running. And on that note, we decided to hold a small little contest to help bring in new readers, and give a gift to one of our existing readers. We have one copy of Monaco (PC: Steam) to give away, and you could be that lucky winner!

First, about our prize. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, is a fun, top-down, game with pixelated art and simple game mechanics. Pick your character (The Locksmith, The Cleaner, The Lookout, The Pickpocket, and more as the game progresses), and steal the item noted for each level. Run or walk, unlock doors, and stay out site. It starts out easy enough as you avoid guards with night sticks, but the difficulty and fun get ramped up as your enemies are equipped with machine guns, the security systems include pressure plates and lasers, and loot is spread across multiple rooms and levels. Play alone or co-op (online or local), it has been one of my favorite games to play the past few weeks.

TO ENTER: Simply share this post wherever you want with as many of your buddies as you think would enjoy our blog. Then like our page on Facebook! Once we get 100 new likes, we will pick a random person and contact them directly, to let them know. Piece of cake. You’ll get a special mention on the site here, a free game, and the chance to play with the FTB crew (though only I play it. But I am really good at it.)


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