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TMNT Reboot News: Shredder and Leo Revealed!

49285d2e5afef4296854893fd3f8bc39-incredible-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-street-artYes, the movie unites as one to unabashedly bash has revealed pics of Shredder and the lead turtle, Leonardo (thanks Comic Book Movie). Before I even clicked the link to see what the pics looked like I found myself sighing and repeating to myseld, “It looks horrible! It’s hideous! It’s…pretty damn badass….?” Yep, Shredder looks like a wicked minion of Hell, poised to skewer and devour ninja turtle heads and wash them down with human souls. Leo has a more tribal look to him, but a lot more badass than the more cuddly versions of the early ’90s. You also get a glimpse of the other shelled crusaders, but not as good as the shot of Leo.

My faith has been restored a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit, but I’m going to need to see some moving pictures before I’m completely sold. Hell, I’ll still watch it if it makes my eyes bleed.

Some of the pics:


Cowabunga, dude. Thanks, Comic Book Movie


In case you missed the link earlier, here it is :

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Take Your Ball and Go Home: Is Tarantino Wrong?

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Via Wikipedia)


By now, we have all heard the news: Iconic filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has shelved his next film, Hateful Eight. The long and short of it is that Tarantino, having just finished his first draft of Hateful Eight, gave it to six people to read. One of these people, who you figure was trusted very much to even see a copy of the script, let it leak. You can read the whole story here and Deadline.

The response on the Internet has been mixed. Some big fans of QT have criticized the movie industry and media for perpetuating leaked information for new, highly anticipated films. Others have called Tarantino a bit of a baby for just giving up, and moving on to another story he had been working on at the same time. But across the board, everyone wants him to make Hateful Eight next. It is a story that will be talked about for a while, but one that will ultimately leave QT unscathed. He is a weird guy. As fans of him, we know that. He talks funny, has a foot fetish, gets really passionate about his movies, and does what he wants to do.

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Free-to-Play Review: Star Conflict

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Sample Ship via

Game: Star Conflict
System: PC (Steam)
Players: Single, multiplayer (online mode only)
Price: Free-to-play (paid DLC is available)
Rating: 8/10 warp drives. Would participate in the Kessel Run

On Sunday, Kotaku reported about a massive battle that happened between two of the biggest faction in EVE Online. Now, I have never played EVE, but the general consensus is that the game is much more fun to read about than to play. What makes me interested is the idea of large scale spaceship warfare. We all got a hint of that while playing Rogue Squadron on N64, and Star Wars continued the trend in Battlefront 2. So while the reviews for EVE haven’t encouraged me to take the plunge and buy the game, it did motivate me to find an alternative: Star Conflict.

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Hey friends, @jklolitscr here. Snow is coming down here in NJ, and whenever a snowflake falls, people freak the fuck out. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. You know the drill.

Speaking of the end of days, this cool short that I came across is pretty awesome. Created by a small production company called Tilted Pictures, “The First Wave” offers a somewhat fresh take on the whole zombie apocalypse sensation sweeping the nation/world(doesn’t rhyme though). I’m done rambling, check it out and tell me what you think. Or don’t. We’ll see who saves you when zombies invade.

Shoutout to the “John Dies at the End” Facebook Page

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Time to End ‘Booth Babes’

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

If you have ever been to a convention or a trade show, you know the term “Booth Babe”: Pretty women, often scantly clad, trying to lure you into their booth. I say this with no offense intended for these women, but they are the sirens of the showroom floor. They are close to the equivalent of a sales person at a shopping mall kiosk trying to put lotion on your hand, or straighten your hair. And as much as I dislike them, I have to imagine they don’t care for me as well.

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