Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star and Possibly Direct Sandman

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Via 2cool4blog)

Big news out of Warner Brother’s today: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon, Dark Knight Rises, Inception) is in final talks to Star and Direct in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman adaptation. This is pretty cool news. The Sandman series has a really strong fan base and as an outsider-looking-in, I think they scored big. JGL is a great actor who has really come into his own in the past few years. He has played some great rolls and risen to every acting challenge put before him.

(I admit, his character in Dark Knight Rises left a bad taste in my mouth, but he did a good job at portraying him.)

David Goyer is also working on the movie, and you may remember him from the Blade Trilogy, Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and the new Man Of Steel series. With these two working together, we are almost guaranteed for a solid flick.


Sandman is published under DC’s Vertigo banner. Also under Vertigo is Hellblazer, staring John Constantine. Constantine is a member of Justice League Dark, a team of magic based heroes. It has been reported that Guillermo del Toro is working on a Justice League Dark film adaptation set in the same universe as Man of Steel. 

So is this the continuation of the DC Film universe? Or is it just another movie? Either way, it should be great. Gaiman is an awesome story teller, JGL is a great actor and a pretty good director, and Goyer has been attached to some of the biggest comic book adaptations of the decade.

What do you think? Are you on board or do you need some convincing?


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