Why Stop at “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”


When I read that the popular and awesomely grotesque book series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” was being adapted to the Silver Screen, I had three thoughts: 1. “Why did my mean Mom throw away my copies of the “Scary Stories..” books?” 2. “Why am I so excited about this news?” and  3. “What else should be resurrected from the deep recesses of our childhood hearts?”

The first two questions are deeply personal and painfully embarrassing, so I’ll only expand upon the third question.  How deep down into the Rabbit Hole of Nostalgia can we go? Should we go? Are You Afraid of the Dark movie? Goosebumps anthology? A resurrection of Pogs? What about a feature length action/adventure where the hero is a sarcastic pre-teen wielding a Yomega X-Brain? That would be…*SLAP*

Get a hold of yourself, man!

Okay, okay. I delved a little too deep.For real, though, an Are You Afraid of the Dark movie with a darker tone than the awesome 90s SNick show would absolutely be welcome and popular if handled correctly.


Seriously… how terrifying is this guy’s vinegar strokes?

Now that’s just one example, and there are plenty more I could come up with and rant about, but I don’t want to sound like a completely jaded geek in his mid-20s, even if I may or not be one anyway. I’m just saying it’s not so bad to take a small dose of nostalgia every now and then. Who’s with me!?!?! Let us unite as one and take to Reddit to make our demands heard or down voted into oblivion!!

….Or feel free to leave a comment about your feelings on the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” movie news, what you would like seen rebooted from your childhood, or just to say hi.



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