Fast and Furious 7 Could Start Production from Scratch

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


Not the usual movie news we’d bring here on For The Blog, but I am too big a fan not too. Last week, Paul Walker’s life ended tragically after a car accident involving himself and a friend at a charity event took a turn for the worst. Walker, probably best known for his work in the Fast and Furious franchise, was also the star of an awesome flick called Running Scared.

The latest movie in the series, Fast and Furious 7, was in the middle of production at the time of his death, and he has been a central character for every film (save for Tokyo Drift). It seems Universal Studios is having some major issues trying to figure out how to salvage the existing film now that Walker is gone, and it is possible they will scrape everything and start over from scratch. Studios often have insurance for instances such as this, and Universal will most likely break even asa result. After looking online, some of the fan responses seemed mixed. Some folks think it is the best idea to write the Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, out of the story without showing any previously shot footage. Other’s think that would be disrespectful, and think he should appear in some way.

It should be important to note that this isn’t the first instance of a prolific actor passing away during production. Heath Ledger died in 2008, and was still involved in the production of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Johnny Depp, Collin Farrell, and Jude Law played is character for certain scenes in the film, while he remained in the rest of them. Chris Farley was half way through his VO work in Shrek before his passing. That movie was also scrapped and Mike Meyers took over the roll.

The FF series isn’t even my guilty pleasure franchise. I legitimately enjoy them. The kind of high octane action flick with humor and tense action sequences a guy will enjoy. Its just fun-time entertainment. And his passing his a definite blow to the series.

What do you think? Will the franchise recover? Would it be honorable or disrespectful to use footage he already shot for FF7?


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