Review: Saga #16

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Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

Lets keep this short. I like Saga, you get that. And save killing off a character I really like, they probably won’t loose me anytime soon. Issue 16 picks up somewhere close to where the last issue left off. We are still catching up to the end of Issue 12, but it looks like we are just about there by the end. Marko and Alana are trying to figure out what the next step is to find a normal life, Klara is slowly getting over the lose of her husband with the help of Dr. Heist (not creepy, I swear), and a dude with a TV for a head slowly approaches. On the other hand, The Will, Gwendolyn, Lying Cat, and Sophie are dealing with the immediate repercussions of the last issue.

As with many comics, this issue is all about putting your pieces in attack positions. And it very much feels like its gonna be a check mate, or a connect four, or trouble. Yeaaaa, trouble in deed. As if everyone wasn’t looking for Marko and Alana, this issue solidifies the need to find them that much more. We already know the Prince gets there, but will The Will and crew make it too? Its a great issue, and leaves you wanting more for sure.

Saga #16 is available now in comic book stores everywhere. Issue 17 will be out December 18. 



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