Review: Young Avengers #12

(image via Marvel Wiki)

(image via Marvel Wiki)

So last we left off, we were riding out the calm before the storm… the lull before the big showdown with MOTHER! It becomes firmly established right off the bat that the adults are out on this one, no matter what goes down it’s up to the younger generation to handle this one. While some might argue the plausibility that Mother is somehow powerful enough to completely bamboozle some of the greatest minds and wills in the universe into blissful unawareness, I appreciate this move on Gillen’s part.  I’ve come this far with the Young Avengers, last thing I want at this point is Cap to swoop in and clean everyone’s mess up. I want these kids to see it through to the end. And luckily there are able to amass one seriously badass looking group thanks to Prodigy.

The first leg of this issue is still quiet build-up to the long-awaited action. Leah and Not-Patriot are literally playing cards. Noh-Varr bein’ kinda shady, Kate might kill him eventually. Loki gives a pep-talk, there is a Scott Pilgrim reference, and we find out he secretly does have a heart under all that black nail polish and sassy attitude! At this point Wiccan is the one shouldering all of the responsibility of this situation. Victory lies with him. He’s the ace in the hole, the prodigy, the one that has to execute a flawless victory with just the right degree of power – or the whole thing goes up. And just as the weight of that really sinks in, the showdown beings! Our heroes meet the whole gaggle of other-dimensional baddies and alt-universe versions unleashed by Mother (because let’s face it, she’s a bitch) who are threatening to take Earth. Dynamic layouts and awesome splash pages happen here! Rejoice: the ass kicking has begun! Unfortunately, it’s not all in favor of the good guys… We’re left with a serious cliff-hanger mid-battle. Leah shows up smug enough to make you want to cut her ponytail off while she’s asleep and she leaves us screaming, “GOD DAMN IT LOKI, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?!”

I’m eager to see how this latest issue is explained. I’m eager to see a lot of things explained! The cliffhanger at the end of this issue doesn’t feel like cop-out, but I could have done without some of the chit-chat at the beginning of this issue and gone with an extension of the battle scenes since in typical YA fashion, they were engaging and fun to read (and look at)! We’re introduced to a whole crew of fighters for this battle, and for most of them we never see more than a small glimpse (literally) at their role in this battle. Space is limited per issue, and I get that, but don’t promise me a buffet and give me only half the menu.

Anyone else read this issue yet? Have any feelings or speculation? Let me know in the comments! It seems that we’re going to need a lot of questions answered by the end of next issue, since it promises to be the conclusion of the showdown. Thank goodness we don’t have a long wait! Young Avengers #13 comes out December 4th!


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