Review: Uncanny Avengers #14

Written by Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

uncanny avengers 14

“Holy shit balls did you see that shit?!?” is what you’ll be saying after reading this issue, and for damn good reason.  I’m glad Marvel was able to keep this issue under wraps and not give away most of the details before it came out. Remender is one of my favorite writers currently and has been handling the Uncanny Avengers from the start. A lot of this series carries over from his previous gig on Uncanny X-Force (One of the best X-Men runs you’ll ever read). If you want to give this series more weight, I suggest going back and reading his run on Uncanny X-Force. Remender gives us a lot of amazing shots in this issue. We get to see what Kang has been up to (He must have some serious shit planned considering who is gathering together). There is an awesome double page spread with all the past Apoloypse, man was that was a tasty treat for the eyeballs. Remender’s writing also held a lot of emotion this issue. I always try to read comics in what I imagine the voice of the person would sound like, including how they are expressing their words. Half the time I give up and go back to regular internal-Naz voice, but with this issue there was no problem keeping these voices going. You could feel the words leak into your head. You could feel the emotional weight weigh you down and drag you along page by page. Remender is making sure no hero or villain is leaving this series without scars (visible or emotional). The way he leaves us hanging will have you itching for the next issue… like a meth addict itching for his next hit of crystal blue persuasion.

We have a new artist on board for Uncanny Avengers, his name is Steve McNiven. You may know his work from New Avengers, Civil War and my personal favorite Old Man Logan. If you have ever seen his stuff, then you know what to expect, impeccable illustration, style, and depth. The pain he is able to express on our characters faces borders on freighting. I really would rather not know what he is using for reference for some of those pages. He does have one little mess up in the issue. It’s nothing major so no one really has any reason to freak out. The small slip up deals with Wolverine’ costume. One panel we see him with the chest of the outfit intact (I mean “intact” loosely), next panel it looks like it has ripped in half since it matches his skin tone on his arms, then next panel is repaired. The same happens with his glove on his right hand. One panel it’s there, next panel it’s his bare hands, then next panel it’s back. This kind of stopped the great flow of the issue for me, forcing me to go back and recheck the past panels to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Besides some small art continuity problems this was really a fantastic issue. Remender sets us up for some bigger problems than this misfit group maybe able to handle. A lot of drama is laid out for us and there is definitely a major sub plot rising that us readers are still not sure how it will play out. Could it only affect the Uncanny Avengers or is Remender laying the ground work for something that will shake up the Marvel Universe forever?

Rating 8.5/10

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