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Comic News for the Week 12/12-12/22

Comic News for the Week

By Joe Naz (Naz_islike)

Well, to say the least there was a lot of comic book news that were released this week. One of the biggest stories involves the series Sandman to hit the big screen with the help of Joseph Gordan Levvit. For more into on that you can check it out (here). As for everything else, let’s quickly run down the list and see what we got here!


1) Another spin on the rumor mill for the Superman/Batman movie is that WB wants Joaquin Phoenix as the main villain for the film. This would put him with Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston up for grabs as the main villain in the film.

2) Adding to the Superman/Batman film, David Goyer, the writer for Man of Steel, will have his script scraped. Chris Terrio, the writer for Argo, will be taking over duties to write up a draft for the film.

3) Jeff Lemire, writer for one of DC’s best on going titles Animal Man… will no longer be on going! Animal Man #29 will be the final issue and drop sometime in March. No one will be picking up the series, the series will just end. I’m pretty sad about it but hey, 29 issues is a hell of a long time to be writing a series now a day. Continue reading


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Upcoming Sandman Movie: JGL, Goyer, & Gaiman – OH MY!

(image via CBR)

(image via CBR – Enjoy the title page from the first issue of Sandman, since I felt like it was cheating to post another picture of JGL even though he’s a total dreamboat)

Consider this post a continuation springing forth from Jay-Rey’s post announcing the big news that Joseph Gordon Levitt is in the home stretch of talking with Warner Brothers and it looks like he may star in and possibly direct (but as of right now is definitely signed on as Producer) for a movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. We’ve been hearing these murmurings for while, and while many of us never felt this day may ever REALLY come (or want it to?) we are at the threshold of having a Sandman movie in the works. Some folks have been waiting since 1989 for Dream to come alive and it looks like this time it will finally happen.

I’m an intense fan of the Sandman series, it’s one of those stories that came into my life during a particularly relevant time, and so it resonated deeply with me and left a pretty big mark in my mind. Some story lines hit me so close while I was reading that I was wrecked for days afterwards. Like… one of those instances where you put a book down, look around dazed and slightly alarmed and realize you’ve definitely just ruined your own day. Then the next day you sit and stare into your morning cereal pondering the cosmos and mortality and why are you even eating cereal at all. I get pretty worked up over this series. So like some others out there that feel deeply for Sandman, I maybe didn’t care to cry out for a Sandman movie for fear of having another Last Airbender in my life. I mentally, emotionally, psychologically cannot handle the idea of that happening to Sandman. And it’s the risk every invested fan takes when we hear the words “movie adaptation”. No other phrase can bring such dread and such joy. Continue reading

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star and Possibly Direct Sandman

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Via 2cool4blog)

Big news out of Warner Brother’s today: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon, Dark Knight Rises, Inception) is in final talks to Star and Direct in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman adaptation. This is pretty cool news. The Sandman series has a really strong fan base and as an outsider-looking-in, I think they scored big. JGL is a great actor who has really come into his own in the past few years. He has played some great rolls and risen to every acting challenge put before him.

(I admit, his character in Dark Knight Rises left a bad taste in my mouth, but he did a good job at portraying him.)

David Goyer is also working on the movie, and you may remember him from the Blade Trilogy, Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and the new Man Of Steel series. With these two working together, we are almost guaranteed for a solid flick.


Sandman is published under DC’s Vertigo banner. Also under Vertigo is Hellblazer, staring John Constantine. Constantine is a member of Justice League Dark, a team of magic based heroes. It has been reported that Guillermo del Toro is working on a Justice League Dark film adaptation set in the same universe as Man of Steel. 

So is this the continuation of the DC Film universe? Or is it just another movie? Either way, it should be great. Gaiman is an awesome story teller, JGL is a great actor and a pretty good director, and Goyer has been attached to some of the biggest comic book adaptations of the decade.

What do you think? Are you on board or do you need some convincing?

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My Adventures with Doctor Who (Series 3 and Beyond)

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


Click Here for Part I

Click Here for Part II

Its weird. I started out these articles with the intention of just trying to grasp what made the series so popular. A little over a month later I am totally caught up with the series. Instead of getting a peak, I have been sucked into a world of blue boxes, time travel, and british people.

I’ll try not to go too deep into the plot of the show at this point. I am 5 seasons ahead of where I should be because I couldn’t stop. But its worth it to explain what happened to me while I watched the show. And hopefully this last article will serve as a gateway for Whovians to get their friends into the show.

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The Worst Hobbit of All

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)
(Note: This article is purely about the characters as portrayed in the Peter Jackson films. Events and histories only mentioned in the books are not included here)

(Via )

If you haven’t seen The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug yet, you’re missing out. Probably, anyways. It is a great addition to the Lord of the Rings mythos, and continues to be an entertaining franchise. While the new trilogy and the original have some obvious overlap in terms of themes, locations, and characters, the most prevalent is in the title of the latest trilogy: Hobbit.

From the 5 films, we encounter 5 note worthy hobbits. These guys are huge players in the events around them, but not all 5 of our shire-living-folk are equal. Here is my list, totally my own opinion, about who the best and worst Hobbits are…

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