When Thanksgiving Goes Wrong

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Via Wikipedia)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it is often the start of the Holiday Season. Shopping, snowflake decorations, Christmas Carols, and all of that other fun, bright stuff that comes with one of the most popular holidays in the western hemisphere. But lets tone down that Christmas cheer to remember that we still have to make it through Thanksgiving. May we all make it out alive…

If you recall the 2007 sensation, Grindhouse, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez joined forces to bring you back to back horror and gore in a way not seen for years. As great as both movies were, my favorite part was actually the intermission trailers. Below is Eli Roth’s trailer for Thanksgiving, a fictional horror movie about a murderous pilgrim traumatizing a small town during the celebration period for one of our countries oldest celebrated traditions.

Be warned, its NSFW, and probably shouldn’t be watched anytime near eating turkey. But its awesome, regardless. Enjoy!


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