(Spoilers Ahead) Costume Continuity Problems in Uncanny Avengers #14

Written by Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

So while reading Uncanny Avengers #14, I noticed some small mishaps when it came to the damage on the costumes of our heroes. While it didn’t ruin the issue for me, it did take me out of the moment for a bit. Enough to go back into the past pages I read to see If there was anymore. I do have a draft of the review for Uncanny Avengers #14 that will be released tomorrow. For now though, lets take a peak at some of these weird costume problems!

Left sleeve on Rogue is intact...

Left sleeve on Rogue is intact…

Rogue 2

Left sleeve is pretty much ripped to the elbow

Rogue 3

And BAM left sleeve is now repaired.

Wolverine 1

Chest piece mostly intact, both gloves are still on, on left hand glove is fingerless at this point.

wolverine 2

Chest piece looks torn in half. You can see his chest, skin tone matches his arms.

Wolverine 3

Chest piece back to normal for the most part, no longer torn in half. Wolverine is now missing his right hand glove though. His right hand is now skin tone

Wolverine 4

His right hand glove is now back on. His left hand glove which was fingerless before now is covering his middle and ring finger.

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3 responses to “(Spoilers Ahead) Costume Continuity Problems in Uncanny Avengers #14

  1. Looks like a colouring problem to me.
    The colourist must have worked off the panels without checking the previous colouring. Missing the green sleeve in the middle Rogue one & the the fact that Logan was still in costume.
    I’m actually impressed by how consistently the artist drew the tears from panel to panel.

    • nazjoe

      I’m not sure what went wrong. Much like you, I do think this may have been a coloring error or simply just miscommunication. The rest of the tears and stuff are fine and something like a small tear being a different size or anything like that, I don’t think anyone really is going to notice or care. These three things though are the ones that caught my eye as I was reading the issue. The first one i caught was when Wolverine is all of a sudden missing a glove. After that the ball started rolling and I was noticing a lot more mistakes that I’ve seen before. While it did take me out of the flow, I still loved the art. Steve McNiven was the artist for this issue and I loved his work in Civil War and Old Man Logan! I’d love to see him stick around long term but judging from his past work, it may seem he may just be here for a few issues. EDIT: Also, fantastic work on your Drama of the Atom!

      • You’re clearly more observant than me.
        I didn’t see any of them until I read your post.
        I wonder if they’ll be really obvious on my next read.

        ps. Glad you liked Drama of the Atom.


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