Review: Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand #1

Written by: Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

"It's the end of the world as we know it..."

“It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

The Ultimates most important event is here… CATACYLSM! Marvel has been pretty tight lipped about this event that is rumored to destroy the Ultimate universe. Whether that happens or not doesn’t really matter, all we can do is worry about the now, and the now says “HOLY WOMBAT CUBDED SHIT, GALACTUS JUST FUCKED EVERYTHING UP!”

This event brings back the team that helped set the stages for the Ultimate universe — Brain Micheal Bendis and Mark Bagley. They reunite to this epic event and it’s fitting that the creators of this world get a hand in helping destroy it. We get a peek at Miles Morales and his best friend Ganke just walking the streets of New York City when BAM, here comes Galactus. One of the most powerful beings ever to be created in Marvel is now standing on top of the bodies of the buildings he has just crushed underneath his cosmic feet. Miles Morales is Spider-Man and must figure out a way to defeat him with the Ultimates helping as well. I can’t help but genuinely feel so bad for all of them. They number so few as a opposed to their 616- universe brother. Honestly, what is Spider-Man or Captain America going to do to even lay a scratch on Galactus?

My two issues with this issue were the start of this story. Bendis has two best friends walking the streets of New York City and having a conversation about Miles father, who hates mutants and super-heroes. Some of the following dioulge takes place…

Ganke: “I don’t understand Miles. Who could hate Super-Heroes?”

Miles Morles: “I don’t hate them Ganke…”

From my years of talking with my best friends, I never really talk to them like that unless there are more than one person in the room and I have to direct my attention to them. It’s kind of like in movies, where we may have a person talking to a new character we haven’t been introduced yet and they remind them that they are brother/sister/father/mother etc. It never sounds natural and comes of as forced.  I’ll assume this was done just in case someone doesn’t read the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and is just jumping in on Cataclysm. My second issue is Bagley’s illustrating Ganke. I honestly could not tell that was Ganke for a second and was just really confused. He does start to fix him up quickly but damn that took me out of the comic for a minute.

Besides that, this was stellar issue once you get past the first few pages. Really, when Galactus appears, your heart sinks a bit. Full credit for Mark Bagley for drawing a fantastic Galatucs and Jason Keith who colors on the issue. They truly capture his immense size, stature and stone cold scolding facial expression. Watching our heroes go up against something when we fully know what Galactus is truly capable of, is depressing. Every time our 616 universe heroes went up against this titan, they always just barely made it and they have a catalog of heroes to help take him down. With the Ultimate Universe, we can count our heroes on our fingers. It’s going to be a nerve wracking journey ahead for us and I just hope we can make it out alive!

Rating 7/10


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