Review: Saga #15

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)


Saga #15 written by Brian K. Vaughan with Fiona Staples

I gotta say, Saga is fantastic.

Since we haven’t yet written about Saga on For The Blog! yet, let me do a quick overview. Saga tells the story of two star crossed lovers. Literally, star crossed. Alana, a winged woman from Landfall, and Marko, a horned man from Wreath. Two civilizations in the middle of a bloody war with countless casualties. In an interesting twist, the story is narrated by their daughter, Hazel, who is born in the first few panels of issue #1. This leads to some very interesting snippets about the future, with Hazel dropping subtle clues to where certain characters will end up, years after the story being told ends.

If you aren’t up to date, clearly there are some spoilers after the jump:

While some issues of Saga may seem like they go by too fast, each is an integral step to the next issue. The previous issue reveals that our Heros have finally found the famed author D. Oswald Heist. #15 takes a quick step back in time, to their first encounter with Heist. We also get an update on the bounty hunter, The Will, and his rag tag group of misfits. Gwendolyn, Marko’s former fiancee, and the newly named Sophie, a slave girl The Will saved from a sex slave planet.

After the events of issue 14, many of the characters are wary after a close encounter with each other, as well as a space creature and a black hole. This cross roads had left them tired, scared, dealing with the lose of loved ones, and ready to start the next chapter in their lives. While Hazel’s family has found some well needed relief at the home of Heist, we know there is trouble right around the corner (since this is a jump back in time, and the end of Issue #14 shows them in a precarious situation with one of their pursuers). The Will and his group also seem to find some temporary solace, until the group dynamic starts to clash, and the planet has some unforeseen effect on those who stay.

The issue takes a nice step back to continue to build the family dynamic of Alana and Marko, as well as explore the past of Heist. Even with this time traveling, the story still moves forward. Prince Robot IV is hot on their trail, Gwendolyn continues to press the importance of capturing the duo, and The Will continues to get thrown under the bus (Remember Lying Cat and outter space?!).  It also keeps things light with Alana and Marko’s casual attitude toward sex, Alana’s interesting life before she joined the war, and a kiss that packs a wallop.

Essentially, its a must read. Its one of those issues that has an impact, and may change the landscape of the comic moving forward (Naz thought it was a huge deal, I was less moved). Big things are in motion and something is coming to a head.


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