Review: Avengers Vol 5 #22 “It is a test for Titians…”

Written by Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

Avengers vol 5 #22

Infinity is in the final stages of placing all of its chess pieces into play to take down the king!  The Avengers are gearing up for one of the most important battles they have faced since dealing with the Infinity Gauntlet when the Mad Titan Thanos was wielding it. The Black Order is going ape shit and ramping up for vengeance and to gain back lost honor. The Avengers are locked and loaded to take down the Mad Titan, and Leinil Francis Yu (artist for Avengers) drew the Smasher with a huge, fat bubble butt. That thing is ri-god-damn-diculous. I’ve got nothing against a big ol butt, but that thing came out of nowhere. I’m sitting here trying to immerse myself, attempting to watch these cataclysmic events unfold and a few pages in BAM! I just needed to get that out of the way. I feel a bit better now, ok, onto the review!

As I said Hickman is moving all his pieces into play. Everyone is ramping up for the final battle and there are a lot of emotions going on. We have a hero, who like the rest of us, would begin to question after seeing countless people die, is this all worth it? Is there such thing as the hero’s journey that many of us seek in our own life? Leinil’s art, as always, are fantastic. He has a bit of grittiness to his style which fits perfectly for this grandiose space opera. (You should also check out his other works such as his run on Remender’s Uncanny X-Force #20-23 and one of the best Superman stories called Birthright which was written by Mark Waid.)

Hickman is really going all out with this event and is pulling no punches. We have Avengers, New Avengers, and Infinity going on with Hickman writing them all. I enjoy that Marvel kept it consistent with only on writer on this event. After witnessing the mess of different writers and so many different artists on Avengers vs X-Men, it’s nice to go into a comic that is being handled by a tight knit group. At least you have an idea of knowing what quality to expect. I really love that this isn’t really spanning all the Marvel Now books so this does keeps the family close together… and helps with those of us on a budget. You really do need to read all three books in order to get the full scope of what is really taking place but this is a big difference from the more recent Marvel events where you needed a map, compass, someone leading navigation, and someone in the crow’s nest looking for land in order to get the full story. It truly is a welcome change to only have to pick up three books. While this is a set-up issue (a dirty word to some) and can feel a bit slow, it’s for good reason. We get a peek at the attack plan that is being set in motion, we get a deeper look at what some of the other Avengers are up to, and Thor gives one hell of a speech!

It’s honestly been a hectic, gut-wrenching hell ride if you’ve been following along this event. We’ve seen new planets and alien races appear. We’ve seen new allies and enemies make themselves known to the Avengers, some we will never get to lay eyes on again. I’m saddened to watch this event close next month, but this can only open so many new possibilities on what Hickman can lay out for the Marvel universe. Over all, if you aren’t reading Avengers, or this event in general, you truly are missing out on a fantastic story! If you want a refresher course on how these events came to be since there are a lot of movers and shakers involved, I would recommend going to the link at the bottom of this review for those looking to jump into Infinity (AND BEYOND!)

Avengers Vol 5 #22 was written by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu as artist.

Rating 7/10


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