Top Five Horror Comics (Just in Time for Halloween!) from Donna & Joe Naz

Written by Donna (@df_rock) & Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)

Halloween is almost upon us and we all at For the Blog decided this would be a good time to post some of our favorite spine chilling comics that we have had the pleasure (or should we say nightmare?) of reading over the years. We’ll be breaking it up into two parts, so first up we have Donna and Joe Naz’s top five horror picks!

Joe Naz’s Top Five Picks

Walking Dead #1 (image via wiki)

Walking Dead #1 (image via wiki)

The Walking Dead – While The Walking Dead teaches you that some of the scariest monsters might just be our fellow man, there was still nothing more frightening to me than in Issue 1. Rick awakens from a coma and finds the hospital infested with zombies. Unlike the rest of the world, he has no idea what is going on and has just woken up and is dropped in a world he is no longer familiar with.

Swamp Thing (Image via DC wiki)

Swamp Thing (Image via DC wiki)

Swamp Thing (The Scott Snyder & Yanick Paquette run) – This would be scary enough with just Scott Snyder writing (that man knows horror), but you have Yanick Paquette as artist. A lot of the ghouls he brings to life are the monsters that as a kid. The ones you were scared of because if you left your ankles hanging from the bed, they would be the ones to pull you under and devour your body while your parents stood there helpless.

Marvel Zombies (Imagie via Marvel wiki)

Marvel Zombies (Imagie via Marvel wiki)

Marvel Zombies – Watching your heroes turn on the world and inflict pain is horrifying enough. The inner child in me wants to cry as I watch these guys destroy everything they have ever stood for in a very, VERY violent manner. Go ahead, look. Those images are George Romero fuel filled nightmares.

Kraven's Last Hunt (Image via Midtown Comics)

Kraven’s Last Hunt (Image via Midtown Comics)

Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt – I wouldn’t wish visiting the mind of Kraven on my worst enemy. This isn’t one of the many Spider-man stories where you walk away feeling like you can take on the world. Things get real. Things get “bad acid trip in a room full of spiders crawling everywhere bad.

The comic that will make you crap yourself can be read here

The comic that will make you crap yourself can be read here

Bongcheon Dong Ghost – Oh? You’ve never heard of this web comic? Neither did I until maybe last year. This is a Korean web comic (don’t worry you can find the translated English version online) and it’s a bit different from any of the other comics that are listed on here. I don’t want to say too much about it since it is rather short, but I will say this: Turn off the lights, shut the blinds, kill the music, plug in your headphones, and bask in one of the most “Oops I shat myself” comics you have ever read!

Donna “Rock D. Amadeus” & Her Top 5 Picks

Things get real twisted, both literally and figuratively.

Things get real twisted, both literally and figuratively. Seriously though, it’s about spirals.

Uzumaki – Junji Ito’s artwork alone is something that has always hit me right in the gut. His illustrations make me uneasy (which is about the highest praise I can give). I find myself staring at his pages, equal parts transfixed and disturbed. The story is so bizarre and everything is so strange and there’s just so much tension. You have no idea what’s going to happen, you can’t even fathom what could possibly happen next. You feel a little frantic and unsettled the entire time, it’s amazing. There’s a reason people keep mentioning it. It was a part of Halloween ComicFest this year, so if you managed to snag a copy and you haven’t read it yet… pick it up and start!

You should kind of already have this on your bookshelf anyway.

Chances are this is already chilling on your bookshelf!

The Sandman – I’m really going for all the classics here, aren’t I? Before I have an angry mob storming my inbox, I’m the first to admit, Sandman isn’t really a horror comic. That being said, it does have some true horror stories woven into its fabric. Certain characters, stories, panels all have managed to horrify me in very real ways. Earlier in the series this is more prevalent. The Corinthian, the end of The Doll’s House arc, ’24 Hours’… all set to give you a chase of the chills. It’s a good time of year to go back and re-read some of the more frightening parts of this series!

He has a magic umbrella.

He has a magic umbrella.

Witch Doctor – A non-typical “horror” comic, but it deals with the supernatural, demons, paranormal parasites – through a medical standpoint. They’re talking about a literal witch doctor, folks. The protagonist is eccentric (think House, M.D. meets Johnny Depp) — joke-crackin’, not carin’, flighty… but sort of brilliant? I really, really like this series. Lukas Ketner, the artist for Witch Doctor, has some done some absolutely gorgeous, awesome looking monsters here and I’ve been enjoying his work immensely on Witch Doctor. Do you like scary stuff without necessarily being scared shitless? Go check out Witch Doctor.

American Vampire Issue 22

This is me showing off one of my favorite comic book covers ever.

American Vampire – I’m not sure whether I personally classify this as horror, but I know a good deal of people who do. Honestly, I don’t give a shit what side of the line it falls on. It’s a damn good series. I’m a sucker (HA!) for vampires and have a real passion for period themed pieces. American Vampire doesn’t just manage to incorporate real, pure, visceral, frightening vampires in a refreshing way, but it also travels through the 20th century and changes faces with each passing decade.



Afterlife with Archie – This. This comic. It’s like old-school horror comics, meets old-school comics via your friendly gang of Riverdale High School kids — ah those kids and their snappy one-liners and puns – but it still keeps a modern edge! This is a retro-inspired horror comic that doesn’t FEEL like a cheese-fest (rather, it has just the right amount of melty cheesy goodness). It’s the best of both worlds. And while sometimes zombies seem a little overplayed these days, I’m seriously impressed with this series so far and you should definitely give it a read for Halloween.

So what are YOUR favorite picks for horror comics, spooky comics, or any kind of Halloween themed comic? We’re always looking for new suggestions! So what do you guys like? Is there a classic we missed, or something new and exciting that you’ve been hooked on?


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