Review: Angry Birds Star Wars II

Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Age Group: All Ages 
Game Type: Phone, Fling, Puzzle
Difficulty Level: Average
Available Platforms: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows
Price: Free – $0.99
Rating:  8 out of 10
Overall: Fun, free game. Fans of the series will enjoy it, with some added bonuses for Star Wars fans. As with all phone games, you won’t be playing it for months, but for $0.99, a couple of weeks is worth the fun to be had.
Smartphone games hold a weird place in my heart. On one hand, I love ’em. I download many, and I do so frequently. On the other hand, I hate them. I play them till I am bored (which is often too soon), they take up too much space on my phone, and they often disappoint. But Angry Birds is a weird case.

Created by Rovio Entertainment in 2009 , Angry Birds took the world by storm. The game type wasn’t particularly original. I actually recall playing similar games on places like during boring college lectures. But for some reason every body ate it up. I would go so far to say that it was the first app to gain so much steam so quickly. Out of sheer curiosity,  I recall downloading the PC version of the game around the time, just because I needed to know what the fuss was.

Now, in the fall of 2013, Angry Birds and Rovio are releasing there Sequel to their Star Wars tribute. And I gotta say, its fun. Angry Birds didn’t catch me the same way at first. 1, 2, and Seasons were all okay. Just more levels, but no innovation. Then Angry Birds Space came out. Then I was hooked. The birds had cooler functions, the gravity and planets, as well as the zero-G effects were creative and key to solving some of the more complex puzzles. “If they keep making their games like this, I am in”, I told myself.

Being a Star Wars nerd, it doesn’t take much for me to be sold. So when the first AB Star Wars game came out, I enjoyed it very much. Getting to use a bird with a light saber, or the ability to force push was just the bee’s knees. But like so many other games, I eventually just stopped. I didn’t feel compelled to get 3 stars. I did play until I hit the locked stages (I am cheap, I barely pay for games on my phone). But I didn’t really replay it. It was quickly uninstalled from my phone.

Angry Birds Star Wars II is a different beast, however.

There are tons of characters. And while you can only use certain ones by default in any level, you can earn points or pay for other characters to use. Not to mention, there is a parallel story you can play where you play as the Dark Side, the piggy antagonist to the Angry Bird gang. Even though I am only playing the free levels, I feel like I am getting double, as the Dark Side and Light side have totally different levels, characters have different moves, and the game play feels deceptively diverse.

Don’t get me wrong. This is the same game you have been playing since 2009, just some added bells and whistles under a cool Lucas-owned skin. I still wouldn’t put a cent into the game, but I will gladly watch the advertising as I switch levels. Its a great time waster, and the puzzles are challenging, especially when trying to utilize specials abilities. Jango Fett-pig doesn’t just get flung, but jet packs shakily toward his target, possibly colliding with something too early. A second tap will have him fire a rocket at the chosen location, shooting him in off course (Not quite Newtonian physics, but I get it). I find myself bummed when I don’t hit 3 stars, and will replay a level a couple times for a better outcome.

Overall, its a fun, seemingly simple game that can be played for a couple of minutes, or a full hour (battery life permitting). Some people say certain characters are OP, but thats fine. Isn’t it refreshing after 3 or 4 really tough levels, to shoot a Vader-pig and reck an entire level on one fling? Would it be fun  for someone who doesn’t like Star Wars? I don’t see why not. People picked up the original Angry Birds not questioning the mentality of flicking a bird through a sling shot at a big hiding in a house made by 2 x 4’s. I am sure 4 years later, light swords and lasers just seem like a natural progression. I say download it. If you get a weeks worth of fun out of it while you wait at the Doctor’s or the mechanic, then it was worth the free download. If you hate it, well what do you want, I didn’t make the damn game…

Any recommendations for games or apps to review? Have a story to tell about your experience with ABSWII? Let us know with a comment below! 


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One response to “Review: Angry Birds Star Wars II

  1. Donna Rock

    I’ve only just played the first Angry Birds and even though I really enjoyed it I’ve always kind of stayed away from all the other versions because I’m just thinking that I’ve already played the first one so why bother? But you’ve just about convinced me to try out the Star Wars versions. haha


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