Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #28

By: Joe Naz (@Naz_islike)


Cover art of Ultimate Spider-Man #28 done by David Marquez (Courtesy

Written by Brian Bendis and David Marquez as artist

The Roxxon arc is wrapped up with #28 of Ultimate Spider-man and it’s a hell of a way to close it. We have Spider-Man, special agent Jessica Drew aka Spider-woman, Bombshell, and of course Cloak and Dagger taking the Roxxon corporation head on! While I thought we would get a lot more information on Cloak and Dagger, we instead get much need answers about Miles Morales powers! A lot of us readers have been waiting for this since the first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man and it was nice to have a bone thrown at us. At the same time Bendis is no fool. He’s acting like Marilyn Monroe over the vents blowing the skirt up. Yeah we get to see some leg, but it leaves us wanting to see more of what is really underneath there, and I’m completely fine with this!  We have David Marquez, who takes the reins over the amazing Sara Pichelli, as artist and does fantastic. The way he draws emotions expressed on our heroes face, perfectly ages Miles, and his action shots (which there are plenty of) are incredible. Watching Marquez and Bendis set up Miles to channel his inner Batman is one of the best moments in this run.

So were left off with an amazing issue that perfectly wraps up this arc nicely. There is one slight problem though and it’s Cataclysm! This is the Ultimate’s universe biggest event since Ultimatum and promises to end the Ultimate universe. If you haven’t been reading Ultimate Hunger then spoiler alert… Galactus of the 616 Marvel Universe is heading toward Earth! How will Miles deal with his first encounter of the celestial kind? We’ll just have to wait for November 13 to see how our heroes fair off against the biggest threat they have ever faced!


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