Review: FF #13

by Donna Rock (@df_rock)


I love this series. I love Matt Fraction, I love Mike Allred, and when the two work together they form one of my dream teams in this industry. And while technically Lee Allred is the one doing script and story WITH Fraction still-sorta-barely involved at this point, the issue was top notch. I’m aware this series might not be for everyone; admittedly, it can get pretty crazy and confusing. We’re talking other dimensions and time-travel and a ton of kids running around and Medusa’s got all this HAIR and there’s just a lot of STUFF happening. Some people think it might be TOO campy. That being said, I feel like this issue encapsulates a lot of what makes this series so friggin’ fun to read. Issue #13 (and much of this series as a whole) manages to channel this really old-school high-flying zany comic book action adventure vibe. You know, the crazy over-the-top situations you find in the older days of comics? When applied today it can’t help but make you stop taking this whole thing so damn seriously. You just jump in and enjoy the story and where it’s going. You just have FUN.

Remember the end of issue #12? Well with the start of #13 we’re slapped in the face with a major plot twist. Scott manages to get the gang out of a sticky situation with some help from the Impossible Man (who is his usual charming self). But don’t worry! Julius Caesar saves your brain with a straight-talk synopsis of just how it happened with some crazy FF comic book science. (If that sentence alone doesn’t sell you on the series I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can say to convince you.) The action is fast paced. There’s really no dull moment in this comic. Even the natural lulls don’t feel like lulls when you’re reading. Stuff is happening throughout the entire issue. Doom goes on a crazy Doom-rant. They’re on the moon. There are bananas and monkeys on the moon. Uatu the Watcher is there. You can see the ruins where Jean Grey died in Uncanny X-Men #137.  All the kids get a chance to be awesome. The humor is fantastic and the one-liners often, yet somehow it hits this sweet spot where you don’t (and you can beg to differ with me here) feel like you’re drowning in comedic rambling. I laughed loud, hard, and often with this issue. Yet, wham, you find yourself dealing with emotional subject matter… and it feels genuine – not jokey. (And that’s exactly the kind of writing that makes me really love Fraction — but I should really be crediting Lee Allred here!) We’re left on a somber note, a serious tone for what kind of turn this story will take. At the end of this issue it’s not very clear to us what that may be. There’s allusion to some very big, very serious events on the horizon and even the Watcher is worried. With only 3 issues left in the series I’m anxious to see how they’re going to end this.

I’ll be (im)patiently waiting for issue #14 to come out in November. So what did everyone think of this issue, or even the series as a whole? Love it, hate it, just can’t seem to keep up with all the shit that’s happening?


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