Black Panther Movie in the Works

Author: Jay-Rey

Black Panther (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Earlier today, a video released by BlackTree TV showed Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige being interviewed for the upcoming Marvel film, Thor: Dark WorldIn the short video, Feige is asked about the possibility of a Loki movie, as well as the introduction of Black Panther. Marvel Studios’ movie plans are asked about all the time, which is probably both flattering and annoying. I am always excited to see what Marvel has in store, since the Marvel Studios universe seems so tight and well managed. I believe “The Marvel Way” should be used as the shining example that DC, Fox, and Sony follow when introducing, rebooting, and making sequels to their existing franchises. But I digress.  Half the fun is waiting.

A Black Panther movie could be awesome. I haven’t read his books specifically, but when he comes into whatever storyline I am currently reading, he is often a game changer. Not to mention the comic book community is always looking for a more diverse lineup of mainstream heroes (Blade comes to mind from the years past). Many people feel James Rhodes got short changed in the Iron Man films. Not wearing the armor in the first, being controlled by the bad guy for half his appearance in the following sequels, and still needing to be saved by Tony to some degree in the end.

Blank Panther, however, is the king of Wakanda,  former husband to the mutant Storm, and one of the worlds greatest super heroes.  I feel a Black Panther flick would add a nice change of pace from the US-centric films the current Avengers line-up has to offer (Sure Thor isn’t from America, and the actor is Australian, but he lands on Earth in Anytown, USA and falls in love with Girl-next-door actress Natalie Portman).

What do you think? Who do you want to see come to life? Who do you think should stay on paper?



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4 responses to “Black Panther Movie in the Works

  1. nazjoe

    I’d really love to see Marvel start doing films for more street level heroes such as Daredevil, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, and Luke Cage. They could all have their Avengers moment when they have to take someone down such as the Kingpin.

  2. Donna Rock


    Seconding Joe on a lot of these: Iron Fist, Luke Cake… both could go in two really different, equally interesting, directions.
    Also, and here’s where the art nerd kicks in, I feel like a Daredevil movie has so much potential to do some awesome visual stuff. Seriously, just looking at the cover alone for issue #12 from Waid’s run and how his “sight” is handled is friggin’ great. How something like sonar sight lines would translate to screen, well, I can’t say. And how popular something that’s more experimental and daring visually overall would actually be… ? (Actually an animated DD movie could be something really beautiful if you model it like the comic currently, but now I’m getting carried away) But I can certainly dream… I have some intense feelings about Waid’s run on Daredevil and I just really want them to pick up aspects of it for a DD movie.

    ULTIMATELY, in an alternate universe where my dreams come true, I’d have an X-Statix movie. Too bad there’s no way in hell it would ever happen. BUT if I had to pick any one to throw all of my non-existent money at, that would be the one. It’s got such a great spin on superheros as celebrities and products in a consumer culture with loads of blood, guts, sex, drugs, dark humor, and Doop.

    • A good thing to note is that Daredevil and Punisher are back at Marvel Studios, so they could definitely do something with Daredevil. I would say, any hesitation to bring characters to life is lack of ideas. I don’t think they are scared to bring something weird to the screen, (Just look at Guardians of the Galaxy), they just need to know how to make it feel like the same Universe. But X-Statix is dead on. It seems like a natural step, considering how modern these movies are.


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